Wild caught Altums from Columbia
January 2019 :Only a few of 2018 stock left , these are the real Altum Angels from Columbia . Not the fakes that are flooding the markets now .
All fully quarantine for a minimum of 6 weeks

All altum angels SOLD and the new stock will be around July

July 2016 : This season's Altum Angels are in our quarantine tanks and will be ready at the end of August . Although the quota has been reduced by 70 % by the Columbian authorities we should sufficient quantity to supply the market

2016 : All sold out , next shipment will be in July

September 2012 : No altums will be available until November

July 2012 : This season's altums are now under quarantine . I have managed to convince the exporter in Columbia to reduce the density by 60% ensuring that they are in with perfect finnage and much better acclimatising to tank conditions.

We have this season's first batch of Wild Altum Angels ,
They are doing very well and will be out of quarantine on the week ending the 5th August 2011 (SOLD OUT)

NEW STOCK out of QT 21st September 2011

EVEN NEWER STOCK!As the season, progresses the Altums are coming in at a larger size and having less in a box.These will be out of Qt in October 2nd

We are taking extra care and treatment on these to ensure that they are in good condition when they arrive at your door.
Water conditions for this is TDS at 15ppm and pH at 6

Unlike tank bred altums.the wild "true" Altums have exceptional high fins.

Update : Februuary 2012
The are as hardy as any domestic angels now ,from the feedbacks they are being mmixed with all sorts of tropicals and other angels.
We have some in stock , from 40

Whilst ordering these Altums from Columbia,I took the opportunity to add some wild plecos to the order:

L168 Butterfly Pleco maximum size is 5.5"
L 134b Golden Spotted Pleco Max. Size 4.5"

This would compliment the discus and altums nicely