Check on the latest up dates
January 2019 sees our largest importation of the finest discus that are personally selected whilst in the farms in Malaysia
3 new farms added to our portfolio .Over 1500 discus of the finest quality !

October 2018 : Over a thousand discus personally selected from the best discus farms will be ready in mid October

24th September 2018 : I am off again in search of the best discus from the farms and will be back in the second week of October. Assuring you of highest quality discus for the UK market .

21st May 2018 : They are now out of quarantine , our stock of over a thousand discus , the biggest selection of discus in the UK

May 2018 : Just got back from another successful trip to the discus farms .

March 2018 : Our March shipment are now out of Quarantine with some of the best discus from Malaysia

January 2018 : Happy New Year to all out customers

I am going to the farms again and will be beck in mid February with some of the finest discus from Malaysia

August 2017 : 1500 discus will be out of quarantine , some of the best discus from Malaysia

July 2017 : I will be the discus farms selecting the best discus from Malaysia

April 2017 : All out of quarantine and ready

March 2017 : Flights booked for another farm trip to the discus farms where I will be selecting discus for our new fish house

February 2017 : Finally,the first stage of our fish house is completed .

September 2016 : We will be moving premises over the month of October to

The Cartlodge
Great Downs Farm
Station Road
01621 860435

We will announce the day when we have finally moved everything over !

July 2016 : This season's Altum Angels are in our quarantine tanks and will be ready at the end of August . Although the quota has been reduced by 70 % by the Columbian authorities we should sufficient quantity to supply the market

June 2016 : Another Successful Trip to the discus farms in Malaysia resulted in some very nice discus into the UK
They are currently under QT and will be available on the 12th of July

January 2016 : Now out of quarantine , 800 discus from the best discus farms in Malaysia

July 2015 : New Shipment of 800 discus arrives ! , after another successful farm visit in Malaysia.

May 2015 : All out of Quarantine !

April 2015 : New Stock arriving in April

October 2014 : All September's import are now out of quarantine

September 2014 : We will be closed from the 4th of September to the 18th of September for another discus farm visit .

30th June , Now out of quarantine , our Shipment of discus from Malaysia.

May 2014 : We are closed until the 21st of May due to one of our Discus Shopping trips to Malaysia.

January 2014 : First import of 2014 arrives on the 3 rd of January with the best discus from Malaysia

Second Shipment arrives on the 9 th January

Both January's import with over a thousand discus in 68 Boxes

December 2013 :Closed for another visit to Malaysian Discus farms selecting the best !Re open on the 30th December

November 2013 : Free delivery on orders over 250 for November !

October 2013 : Out of quarantine , 40 boxes of the finest discus from the best farms are now out of quarantine .
We are now back to over a thousand discus in stock .
"You will be spoilt for choice ".

August 2013 : Closed from 21st Aug to 12 th September 2013 whilst I am visiting discus farms in Malaysia .
Sample of some of the discus that are coming into the UK

July 2013 : 500 discus from Malaysia now out of quarantine

July 2013 : Imports of Wilds from Brazil

JUNE 2013 : Imports of wilds from Peru

MAY 2013 : Imports of Wilds from Brazil

MARCH 2013 ; Re Opened after another successful trip to Malaysia ,

FEBRUARY 2013 ; We are off to another discus selection trip in the farms of Malaysia.

13th November 2012 : New Stock out of Quarantine

26th Oct 2012 : Now Open after a successful discus farm visit .

October 2012 : I will be close until 23rd of October whilst selecting discus from the discus farms in Malaysia

July 2012 Out of quarantine , our June's import .

June 2012 bring the best checkerboard pigeon bloods into the UK , also stunning pigeon blood snakeskins , solid yellows , red pandas , cobolts. blue turqs.solid yellows

May 2012 : Most of April's import are now out of Quarantine .

April 2012 : Just back from another discus collecting trip in Malaysia.
These will be available after quarantine by the end of April.
However we still have a great selection of discus from our February /March imports which are out of Quarantine now.
April Import Selection includes:
Blue Sapphires
Red Turqs Large
Albino Melons
Albino Red covers
Checkerboard Pigeon Blood X golden leopards
Altum Flora 3" and XXL
Albino Platinium Cobolts from 3" onwards
Albino Platinium Blue Diamond
Blue Snakeskins from 3" to XL
Leopard Snakeskins from 3"
Penang eruptions from 3" and also some high body
Ring Leopards , very nice rings on body
Ruby Spider face From 3"
Solid yellow
Yellow Crystals
Yellow crystals (non Pigeon Blood)
San Merahs
Red Alenquers
Rose Reds
Super reds
Marlboro Reds
Solid White (red Eyes , non pigeon blood )

November 19th 2011: Back from another sucessful discus gathering through the discus farms with 47 boxes of the best discus available.
LEOPARD SNAKESKINS from 3" to 5" , with PENANG ERUPTION and SPIDER FACE RUBY in this import.

REDS: Super Reds, Marlborough Reds, Red Alenquers,Red Melons,Rafflesias,

SPOTTED: Ring Leopards, Eruption Leopards. White Leopards

Turquoise: Checkerboard Turqs and red turqs

Golden leopards and Golden Leopard Snakeskins

Others: Calicos,Albino Pearl Diamonds (straited), Ica's,Albino Cobolts,Blue Diamonds, White Butterflies.

November 2011: I will be in Malaysia selecting discus for the UK market.

October 2011: September's import are now out of Quarantine

Penang Eruptions 3" 40
Checkerboard turquoise 4" 30 5" 65
Red Turquoise 4" 25 5"60
Red Alenquer 4" 40
Rafflesia 4" 60 6" 100
Super Red 3" 40 6" 100
Marlboro Red 6" 85
Yellow Crystal 2.5" 15

Wild caught altums 2.5" 35

June's imports are now out of quarantine,the best pigeon Bloods around.
checkerboard Snakeskins
Red Pandas
Yellow whites
Red Melons

25th April 2011: April's imports are being transfered to the Main Fish House.Stunning display,you'll be spoit for choice!

Backed from the BIDKA discus show with 3 awards
1st in the solid class
3rd in the open class
Voted the best in People's Choice!

CLOSED on the 8th to the 10th April,Visit us at haydock park for BIDKA's Discus Show

Second Shipment is postpone to mid April as I am attending the BIDKA's show on the 9th and 10th of April.I don't want to leave the new fishes uunattended

March shipment will be in the week comencing 14th March.
Photos will be posted later in the week.
It had been quite an exciting shopping trip.Although there seems to be a shortage of discus ,I have manage to obtain some very high quality stock

Among these are
Web Majestics

Platinium Cobolt Snakeskins

Some very nice yellows from Dickson Lim

Some albinos from Ung Seng Lip (out of QT)

Even the blue diamonds are exceptional (Out of QT)

The red turquoise are exceptional,excellant shape with great patterns , a tribute to the breeder

Ocean Greens with nice red eyes (out of QT)

Yes the highly sucessful Marlboro Reds are with me(Out of QT)

Not forgetting the super red melons,unfortunately may not enough to go round again.

A new variety ,the Rafflesia definately needs to be seen to be appreciated,very red with small white markings resembling the Rafflesia Flower,the largest flower in the world.(Out of QT)

The ever popular checkerboard pigeon blood and red pandas needs no introducing, from 3" onwards. And a new a version with a larger red area and individual white patches.(Out of QT)

Classic varieties like the blue cobolt but a high body

Manage to obtain some Jumbos,not only are they large, they are heavy!!

Second Consignment postpone till mid April due to my attendance in BIDKA's show and not wanting to leave them unattended .